We don't think custom websites should be out of reach from the smaller Churches with a smaller budget, yet we aren't a service from a non-profit either.  This means, we must have a smart business model that allows Churches of all sizes to get a website.  If you are a Church leader and either your Church doesn't have a website or you aren't pleased with your Church's web design, please consider getting your Church's website through us.


Since websites came out in the 1990's, websites have drastically changed.  And, they keep changing.  What was good last year or 10 years ago on a website may no longer be considered acceptable.  These changes you may not be aware of, but it's our job to get you the best website possible for your budget.  Therefore, please keep these features in mind, as they are good to use on your website (and may be very beneficial).

Church Calendar

Church Blog

Member only section (for pages you don't want others to see)

Sermon Archives

Live streaming for your Church service

Class listing

Missions Section

Online Giving

Email Accounts for Church Staff

One thing's for sure, we don't think Church websites should have to cost your Church a fortune, as that money could go elsewhere (we did have a Church tell us that they should spend money elsewhere and not on a website).  See this blog post on our response to this answer.


Church Bonus #1:  Church Technology Book

Church Bonus #2:  Webinar Software

We don't just provide your Church with a fantastic custom website; we also provide you with some bonuses!  Check out this section to learn more about the bonuses that come with your Church's custom website.

If you have a custom website for your Church with us, you will receive a paperback copy of Using Technology for Your Church:  A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders, by Jeremy G. Woods, a co-founder of FaithVenture Media.

As an added second bonus, we offer webinar software for free for our Custom Church Website clients.  Check out the purpose for webinar software for Churches in the above image.


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